About me

Hi !

My name is Hajer,20 years old from Bahrain “that’s a small archipelago in the Arabian gulf.
Beading is just one of my interests, I do also like reading,and crafts.interested about languages,religions and believes,cultures,history…and much more

One of the most things I like about interenet is that it let us connect with each others, I do really like to meet people from other backgrounds,and having friends from other cultures. In fact this helps me to know my self better,how? well,every thing seems normal around us,We do not notice all the interesting and weird things others may see,so I now know lots of  ideas people have about my culture, some were shocking,funny,weird,and it sometimes left me speach less !

Well,I hope you had fun visiting my blog, Thanks alot for standing by !




what do you think about it?

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