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At last ! The bead soup !

28 Aug

Yea,I know! I’m too late! But better be Late  than never!

When Lori called for signups for this bead soup party, I was shocked by the reveal dates “OH,No! They’ll be during the month of Ramadan”!

But I decided I’ll figure this out some way, So I joined it with the hope that I’ll find the time to hope. Later I was paired with Elisabeth Auld the author of Beads for busy gals blog, and I sent her the soup late ‘thanks God she had enough time to make something’!

The last week was so busy as Ramadan’s over and it’s Eid ‘I’ve told you, the two calendars are opposite’! At that time, I received my soup I was supposed to post this in the second reveal day, but Lori kindly said it’s ok to join the third one as I didn’t received the soup, what happened at the end is that I’m posting this Just Today!

This is the soup I got from Elisabeth, and I really like it. I have never used ceramic pendants before, and was always aware of two holed pendants. And the colors are fantastic too !

And I made these two necklaces and a phone charm

I just added the magnesite beads to this piece


the other necklace

and this is the charm


Of  course,there are still more beads that I hope to make something out of them soon Inshallah.

And I can’t forget to thank Lori for such great blog hop,and congratulats !    

Thanking is also to Elisabeth for the great soup she sent!