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BSBP’s over !

23 Mar

So, the 5th bead soup is over!

For my sorry, there are still some blogs I still didn’t hoped to! hope I will have a chance to

I’m sure it should be just as gorgeous as the rest of the blogs!

I would like to thank Lori Anderson the hostess of this great blog hop, wish her all the best in her life.

 It was also a good chance to know Adlinah….. my partner, I would thank her a lot for her interesting meaningful soup she sent

Can’t forget to thank all the participants and all of those who shared the interest of this hop, and those who commented and visited my blog, thanks a lot for your wonderful encouragement.

That was my first beading event I have ever joined, and I really like it!

See you next BSBP

And this is for you guys

ps.that’s from




Here we are! The 3rd of March, the reveal day!

3 Mar

Here we are! The 3rd of March, the reveal day!

It was such fun working with the beads my partner Adlinah sent me, discovering some new ways to design and work out of my environment!

Just as a reminder this is what I received from Adlinah

I think that this is totally a new style for me, really enjoyed it, and loved it!

It’s my first time to work with handmade lamp work beads, and now I’m planning on ordering some for myself, because I really like it!

I also like the metallic pieces as I’m not very used to use spacers or links, in fact I’m usually seed beading, so the whole thing Adlinah sent wasn’t something I usually work with, that was interesting!

So this is the result I had, and believe it or not, a half of this work was done this morning, just before posting this!

Some detailed pictures

And this is a bracelet, it’s elastic

And the last piece is a pair of earrings

I still have some beads left, going to work with them later because I’m out of time!

I didn’t used much things from my stash,some wires,a chain,seed beads and the green cord

What do you think?!

Happy beading!