8th bead soup reveal !

2 May

My partener for this year is Penny Haughton from Australia,Penny sent a soup that I really liked! Beautiful colors,materials,and shapes!


See the careful hand made pendant? she sent this as a gift along with needles and beading thread,Thank you Penny!

I’ve always wanted to work with polymer,with no success,I like that piece !

and the needles and thread? i really liked the idea,most of jewelry makers use them,but I’ve never seen them in the bead soup event before,Thank you for these too!

There was a cute post card too,but my camera decided to go out of battery when I wanted to picture it!

It was fun to work with such soup!

I made two pieces… (so far) a necklace and a bracelet,and I really hope to make a matching necklace for it too




yea,this bracelet is not finished yet,’ll finish it this week…

Wish the images were better,but lots of things were going on these few last months,and I actually posted this half sleepy !

I hope that penny likes what I made with her soup,and that she had fun working with the one I sent

dont forget to visit her blog http://www.smellynelly.blogspot.com.au/

and the rest of participants  http://lorianderson-beadsoupblogparty.blogspot.com//2014/04/welcome-to-8th-bead-soup-blog-party.html

Had to post it on Friday night,Because I have class on Saturday morning!

Have fun!


About new posts on this blog…

18 Mar

Hello again !!!

Well,I like the idea of blogging,but I just forget that someone can write about this or that on his blog<<<believe it or not?! I’m also busy with my studies,So I usually come back here for a bead soup blog party event !

Any way,

I’d like to invite you to my Instagram account where I post pictures of my work:




The 7th bead soup blog party reveal day

27 Apr

I can’t believe how i forgot which reveal day i’m in,thought it’s the third,while it was supposed to be the second ! but late better than never !

My partner Janine Lucas sent me a beautiful soup,and she really challenged me with the great components that I usually dont use !

First,the Sari silk… I kept searching for ideas of how to use fabric in jewelry,and tried several things untill the first bracelet was done…


And guess what? I took out another fabric and used it with the clasp that Janine sent to make another bracelet !


And at last, I made this phone charm using the focal and a swaroviski bead, I added the chains, by using the focal this way, both sides can be seen…that’s why I thought of a charm


Dont forget to visit Janine’s blog if you haven’t seen what a great pieces she made yet !

The full list of second and third reveal dates is here

Sorry for such mess I did with the reveal dates, And Thank you Lori the hostess,and my partner Janine, and all participants !

Between Bahrain and the Netherlands!

21 Mar

Janine my partner in the bead soup recieved her package the last week,So glad that the soup is there now! see her blog post about it




And I recieved the soup she sent too,Thank you Janine for such cute goodies !


bead soup


My parnter’s style is new for me, it’s interesting how she sent me things that i have never used before like the fresh water and swarovski pearls.

I hope to make something justice with this great soup!


Peyote cuff for Sale !

27 Feb

Peyote cuff for Sale !


This bracelet is a great example of the ‘love’ of your creations! it’s my favorite!

The design and stitch work was done by me,glass seed beads were used to build the peyote stitch design.

It’s now offered for sale !

size inof:
length : 23,5 cm (9,25 inch)
when closed the length will be 18,5 to 19,5 cm (7,28 to 7,677 inch)
width: 4,3 cm (1,69 inch)

This bracelet is for 39.0$ only

if you wish to have it,please contact me : hj_w_177@hotmail.com

7th bead soup party

29 Jan

So, I haven’t pasted any thing since the last bead soup…

“It seems that I will use this blog to reveal these bead soups only”

Any way,there are more than 500 participants this time, So I hope that every body will enjoy !

At last ! The bead soup !

28 Aug

Yea,I know! I’m too late! But better be Late  than never!

When Lori called for signups for this bead soup party, I was shocked by the reveal dates “OH,No! They’ll be during the month of Ramadan”!

But I decided I’ll figure this out some way, So I joined it with the hope that I’ll find the time to hope. Later I was paired with Elisabeth Auld the author of Beads for busy gals blog, and I sent her the soup late ‘thanks God she had enough time to make something’!

The last week was so busy as Ramadan’s over and it’s Eid ‘I’ve told you, the two calendars are opposite’! At that time, I received my soup I was supposed to post this in the second reveal day, but Lori kindly said it’s ok to join the third one as I didn’t received the soup, what happened at the end is that I’m posting this Just Today!

This is the soup I got from Elisabeth, and I really like it. I have never used ceramic pendants before, and was always aware of two holed pendants. And the colors are fantastic too !

And I made these two necklaces and a phone charm

I just added the magnesite beads to this piece


the other necklace

and this is the charm


Of  course,there are still more beads that I hope to make something out of them soon Inshallah.

And I can’t forget to thank Lori for such great blog hop,and congratulats !    

Thanking is also to Elisabeth for the great soup she sent!


Another giveaway by Lori Anderson!

8 Jul

Lori, the auther of prettythingsblog.com,and the great hostess of the bead soup blog hop is arranging for ~5~ giveaways on her blog !

Have alook …and good luck !

A giveaway by ‘CJ Bauschka’

5 Jul

Visit http://cjbauschka.blogspot.com/ and check out her amazing stash of beads. She is giving away some of it with 2 winners. Don’t miss it !

26 Jun

These are some of the pieces I made in 2010,at that time I joined a yahoo group called Beadchat,created an album there and posted some pictures,I forgot about these pieces,so I thought it’s interesting to go back and remember some my work I did time ago.


This is the flag of Palestain,I made it during the war on Gaza 2010


Have a nice day !